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Dr. Vincent Croglio

Dr. Vincent Croglio is a board-certified psychiatrist and has been working in the local region for the past two years. He earned his DO degree from LECOM and completed his residency training at the University at Buffalo. 

Dr. Croglio founded WNY Psychiatry & Counseling Associates in May of 2022. Along with treating clients in the private practice setting, he supervises residents at the outpatient ECMC clinic and performs consultations for the interventional psychiatry modalities offered through Dent Neurological Institute. 

Dr. Croglio believes in using a well-rounded approach toward optimizing mental health. Along with prescribing medications, he is an advocate for therapy and exploring healthy lifestyle choices to fortify the mind-body connection. Values involve a strong emphasis on patient autonomy and holistic approaches toward helping people reach their goals. He has a strong passion for Buffalo as he was born and raised in the area. Hobbies include fitness, biking, live music, travel, and exploring the wonderful food that our city has to offer.

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